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1x50 minute episode Someone like the War Doctor. Rita, Howie, and Gibbis bring the Doctor and his companions to Joe's room, which is full of ventriloquist dummies. The TARDIS lands in a hotel where every visitor's room contains their deepest, darkest fears. Series 6. Somewhere in the hotel, a creature awakens. Amy merely replies that he is saving them. Firstly, Matt Smith's character clearly says "who else" after opening the door, suggesting a person was inside. Amy and Rita stay behind to look after Rory, but Amy finds herself drawn to Room 7 and opens the door. Let me tell you something: I am God.” But there have been baby steps away from the Omniscient Doctor. Rory admits that he hasn't found his door yet, which the Doctor takes to mean that Rory isn't afraid of anything — something that Rory confirms, saying, "After all the time I spent with you in the TARDIS, what was left to be scared of?" Sci-fi drama. He laments having stolen her childhood and leading her to her death, which he claims to have always known would happen because it always does. DOCTOR WHO 6.11 - The God Complex. The episode was later released in the complete series 6, which included the first and second half of the series, was released on DVD and Blu Ray on the 21 November 2011. Next → Jehovah complex is a related term used in Jungian analysis to describe a neurosis of egotistical self-inflation. Amy suddenly begins to "praise him". The title has a couple of meanings. ← Previous The Doctor fears that he will either get Rory and Amy killed or have to watch them die. The Eleventh Doctor is fascinated by their surroundings since, as he informs Amy and Rory, the hotel is not really a hotel at all, but something that someone has made to look like a hotel. Which is why you shouldn't. Related: Doctor Who: How Season 13 Can Retcon The Timeless Child Twist. The God Complex. After a tearful goodbye, the Doctor departs. This story refers back to the end of The Eleventh Hour, where the Doctor told Amy that knowing that he is just a madman with a box would one day save her life. Rather, they’ve dug into the psyche, to differing degrees, of Amy, Rory and the Doctor. He begins to revise his theory, knowing that Rita wasn't afraid of her death and therefore the beast could not possibly feed on fear. Rita explains to the Doctor and his companions that each room in the hotel contains "bad dreams", with Howie adding that the walls twist and move so that you never know where you're going or where you'll end up. The Doctor quietly shuts the door to his room and tacks a "DO NOT DISTURB" sign on the knob. He also warns the Doctor that the same thing will happen to him, but that he must first find his room — because there is a room in the hotel for everyone. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Rory is powerless to keep Howie from finding his room, which contains a group of twenty-something girls who mock him for being nerdy and for his stutter. The Eleventh Doctor faced his worst fear in "The God Complex," which was revealed to be the ever-present crack in time, but is there more to this Doctor Who mystery? Once more, the TARDIS hasn't taken the Doctor where he wants to go, which in this case is the planet Ravenscala. Prison ship by Paul Kelly. Amy looks out of her bedroom window at the sky. Meanwhile, Gibbis keeps watch over Howie in the reception area, but Howie taunts Gibbis into releasing him. The room has a different fear each time despite the fears of past residents remaining once the victim is gone. Long has the stereotype of the arrogant, self righteous doctor permeated society. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. More than most episodes, “The God Complex” puts the question of who the Doctor is at the heart of things. line fit perfectly, but The Doctor has always been afraid of his own inner darkness, and John Hurt's character was the epitome of that. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is … (, The Minotaur's final words were a prophetic statement delivered both to and about a long-lived traveller, similar to the last words of the, The Doctor says the minotaur is beautiful when he first sees it. Format: Amy warns the others not to blink, but the Doctor quickly ascertains that the Angels are not real. David Tennant, unusual amongst other Doctors, began and ended on special episodes, not regular ones. It refers, of course, to the villain’s godly aspirations but also, as Rita makes explicit, the Doctor’s own need to save others. 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Howie believed in conspiracies, Rita was a devout Muslim, Joe was a gambler who believed in luck, and Gibbis believes in the continued presence of invaders who will tell him what to do. Played by John Hurt, this secret regeneration was The Doctor's greatest shame, and he went so far as to drop the "Doctor" title during this lifetime. In fact, For the purposes of this list, "Series 4" is considered to be the. Lucy's room contains a giant gorilla that she once saw in a book when she was younger; screaming, she backs out of the room. This is confirmed when the Doctor tries to take everyone back to the TARDIS only to find that it has disappeared. ), Supergirl Has a Major Kara Problem (And How to Fix It), Marvel’s Moon Knight Show Casts May Calamawy In Key Mystery Role, WandaVision Video Hints At New Marvel Superhero Making Their MCU Debut, Bridgerton: Why The Queen Hates To Be Wrong, Why Arrow’s Most Unjust Murder Was Of A Serial Killer, Who Is Geraldine? Companion(s): Rory returns in time to see the TARDIS dematerialising, and wonders where the Doctor's gone. "The God Complex" itself doesn't reveal what lies in The Doctor's room, and fans had to wait until season 7's Christmas special to find out the answer. While the Doctor searches for the hotel security room, he stumbles across his own door, Room 11, and is hardly surprised by what he sees inside. 11, naturally) and, with a wry smile, mutters "of course... who else?". Confidential: DOCTOR: Why is it up to you to save us? The Doctor is astonished to see that Amy's fear is a vision of her seven-year-old self waiting for a Doctor that she believes will never return for her. Who else?" Amy, Rory Howie begins to "praise him". (, This is not the first time that the Doctor has offered to take on as a companion a, One of the rooms contains what appears to be a cross. Thus, his series actually begin in 2005, 2006 and 2007 — not 2006, 2007 and 2008 as is commonly thought. Official trailer Behind the scenes video However, all their adventures together had glamorized the Doctor in Amy's eyes, making him what she believed in the most. Release details Each room in the hotel possesses the manifestation of a fear, and each person who comes to the hotel must find his room — after which, he begins to "praise him". He invites Rita to travel with him once they escape the hotel and leaves her, but after he departs, she begins to "praise him" and goes off on her own. When she questions why, the Doctor explains that it's because she's still breathing; he doesn't want to wait until she's dead and he's left standing over their graves. They are suddenly confronted by two Earth humans — Rita, a nurse, Howie, a computer geek — and Gibbis, a cowardly, mole-like alien from the planet Tivoli. Nevertheless, The Doctor committed horrific acts during the Time War, and prior to the 50th anniversary special, believed he had wiped out both his own race and the Daleks in one final attack. The, The Doctor refers to the minotaur as a distant cousin to the, Early on when meeting her, the Doctor said to Amy that he was definitely a "madman with a box", and that understanding this could save her life. She is, however, completely unfazed by this and by the revelation that Gibbis is an alien. In "The God Complex", the Doctor breaks Amy's faith in him after he discovers that they are trapped in a prison for a being that kills by feeding on faith. It's the script, though, and Baldwin's God complex speech among other dialogue, that deserves special mention. The hotel in "The God Complex" seems to manifest a person's greatest fears, rather than focusing on one specific phobia, so the crack in The Doctor's room could have been accompanied by a person. Seabank Hotel, Porthcawl (Lobby, Bar, Stairwell). This is not the first time the Doctor has deliberately caused one of his companions to lose faith in him in order to save them. First off, the very important stuff - if you've not seen this episode, as your attorney I strongly advise you avoid being spoilered at all costs! Some fans claim that the crack is visibly reflected in Smith's eye as he peers into Room 11, but the true intention of "The God Complex" was arguably always keep the contents of The Doctor's room a secret, before an explanation was squeezed into Smith's final episode for the sake of completion. The Doctor stares at it hauntingly- this fear has troubled him for so long he knows he will confront it again once and for all. In many ways, the fracture wasn't even something to be feared - it proved the Time Lords were still alive and kicking, and The Doctor was innocent. Since joining the Screen Rant fold, Craig has been involved in breaking news stories and mildly controversial ranking lists, but now works predominantly as a features writer. Posts about The God Complex written by twistie1. The, Amy has previously encountered the Weeping Angels. A young policewoman, Lucy Hayward, roams the corridors of what appears to be a 1980s Earth hotel. The Eleventh Doctor, Amy, and Rory investigate a hotel of horror where repeat business is low but the body count is high, where a mighty monster stalks the corridors and the rooms hold visions of angels, apes, and creepy clowns. Can the Doctor solve the mystery before the residents check out in grisly style? As other people before her, Rita is invited to become companions by the Doctor, only to die soon after. Someone, somewhere will have an alternate way of dealing with the same problem. Despite some unexpected twists and … Doctor Who: The God Complex (and the Complex God) September 17, 2011 James F. McGrath Patheos Explore the world's faith through different perspectives on religion and spirituality! “The God Complex” is the second Doctor Who story in a row in which Amy Pond’s survival relies on testing her faith in the Doctor to beyond endurance. Amy reminds the Doctor that because the hotel showed him a door, he must believe in something, though he neglects to tell her what this is. Story number: "The Time of the Doctor" shows that the hotel room contained the crack in time that followed the Eleventh Doctor around for his entire run - the crack that was ultimately confirmed to be the Time Lords of Gallifrey reaching out to The Doctor, hoping for a return into the universe. As Lucy continues to write about her fear, she begins to "praise him", and stands in peace as she welcomes the creature to kill her. The thought unnerves her. As the Minotaur rounds the corner towards her, she hangs up on the Doctor, who heeds her last request and shuts off the security camera just as she is about to be killed. Minotaur Using a speaker through which Howie's voice is projected, the Doctor lures the Minotaur into the hotel spa, as Amy, Rita, and Rory lock the doors from the outside to trap it. The group flees through the hotel as the Minotaur approaches to take Amy, and find themselves hiding in her room. The Minotaur explains that it has lived for so long that it has forgotten its own name. Premiere network: In reality, The Doctor's door in "The God Complex" is likely another example of the convoluted storylines that dominated Matt Smith's tenure. The title "God Complex" is a pretty big hint as well. The Doctor has inadvertently helped the Minotaur to thrive by insisting that his companions reject their fear and fall back on their faith, which the Minotaur then takes and converts into a consumable form. These themes were also touched on in, As of the Series 10 finale, this is the most recent episode to depict the Doctor's companions explicitly living full-time aboard the TARDIS. Later, they lay Howie's body out in the banquet hall next to Joe's. She doesn't have time to show the Doctor, however, as the beast can be heard approaching to kill Joe. 2.11 Jim Carrey is Craig’s top acting pick and favorite topics include superheroes, anime and the unrecognized genius of the High School Musical trilogy. Contrary to common belief, season 10 kicked off in the last week of December 1972 — not in 1973, as would be expected. The God Complex. What lies in wait in the Doctor's room? It subsequently dies, and the group prepares to leave in the TARDIS. he will confront it again once and for all, https://tardis.fandom.com/wiki/The_God_Complex_(TV_story)?oldid=3065324. Memorable moment • Recorded by Gerry O'Riordan  As victims just keep on showing up and its instincts are too hard to resist, the creature has lived a long, miserable life, now consisting purely of instinct and routine. The Doctor meets Rita on the stairwell and informs her that he is close to getting them out of the hotel. While Rory steps inside to fetch champagne, Amy speaks to the Doctor privately, as she knows that he is leaving them behind. The Girl Who Waited Toby Whithouse Played: Amelia Pond in The Eleventh Hour (2010), The Big Bang (2010), Let's Kill Hitler (2011), The God Complex (2011), The Angels Take Manhattan (2012, uncredited), The Time … In Doctor Who season 6, Matt Smith's Doctor, accompanied by Karen Gillan's Amy Pond and Arthur Darvill as Rory, is whisked into a simulated reality that takes the form of a hotel. "Praise him." The War Doctor and the crack in time both relate to the same fear, so it follows that they'd be together inside Room 11. Scanners indicate an absence of spoilers. Later, Rory finds the Doctor admiring Howie's picture, which has been added to the wall alongside the others. Whatever it is that scares us, be it clowns, heights, public speaking or anything else, there’s always something we never want to face. THE GOD COMPLEX The TARDIS lands in what looks like an ordinary hotel. Although it is not directly shown, its reflection glints in the corners of his eyes: a familiar white light. Key crew Calling her Amy Williams, he tells her that it's time for her to stop waiting and grow up. The prison floats through space, kidnapping people with belief systems so that their faith may be converted into food for the creature. More: Why Doctor Who Continuity Is Really So Confusing. Doctor Who: The God Complex. Not only would the "who else?" However, this explanation comes with a few problems. Joe runs into the corridor, smiling madly as he asks the Minotaur to come to him. Series 6, Episode 11 The Doctor's greatest fear is also revisited, but is purposefully left ambiguous until The Time of the Doctor. The Doctor tells Rita that there is no medical explanation for Joe's death — his organs simply stopped, as though all of his faiths and fears were taken from him. Amy tries to comfort Gibbis by mentioning that she's met the Weeping Angels and thought the room was for her; however, she knows that the Doctor will find a way out of the mess they're in because he's never let her down, not even when she was a child and she thought he'd left her behind. Nick Hurran This story also marks the first time since Journey's End that the Doctor leaves his companions behind to protect them. When Rita wonders why the Doctor has made it his responsibility to save them — noting that he has quite a "God complex" — the Doctor sadly looks down to Amy, obviously guilty for bringing her and Rory to a place where they are in danger. Rory, Amy, Gibbis, Howie, and the Doctor enter another room containing two Weeping Angels. Lucy Hayward opens the door to room 214, then room 215, then room 214 again. Writer: The UK's most prolific killer Dr Harold Shipman was known for his God complex, believing it was his right to decide if his patients lived or died. Caitlin Blackwood (Amelia Pond) Born Jun 23 2000. If he opened it, Rory would have been sucked out into the void of space and killed. It overpowers him and drags him away, though they are both chased by the Doctor. Producer: Pfizer says it is investigating the death of a Florida doctor who had received one dose of the company’s COVID-19 vaccine. Five fears in Doctor Who Wednesday 12 February 2020. The clown glimpsed in one of the rooms is the Doctor in make-up. “T he God Complex” is an episode which gives the initial impression that it will be nothing more than a creepy “monster of the week” adventure for the Doctor and his friends, but by the end it has turned inward, held a mirror up to the Doctor and forced him to face some troubling aspects of his relationship with his companions which he normally keeps buried. Jay Harley was credited under their deadname as assistant director. In "The God Complex," Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor saw his worst fear, but despite an official explanation, this moment remains a Doctor Who mystery. At the same time, an equally sad Doctor looks around his now vacant time machine as he heads off to travel alone. They'd say it was their choice, but offer a child a suitcase full of sweets and they'll take it. The Doctor has a tendency to anthropomorphize inanimate objects, so might've referred to the crack as a "who" instead of a "what." The Doctor is separated from Joe and the Minotaur in the winding labyrinth of corridors, but later stumbles across Joe's body. Reddit's Doctor Who Fan Community - News, Discussion, Artwork and Fan Creations! This week's Doctor Who ended on a surprising note - but we're getting ahead of ourselves! Amy begins to feel the Minotaur changing her, and the Doctor suddenly insists that he can't save her. But the walls move, corridors twist and rooms vanish. DOCTOR: I brought them here. Who — or what — has brought them to this place? Seriously don't let the goblins of the internet ruin the big surprise in this one. The God Complex. The Doctor, devastated by Rita's death, destroys the hotel lobby in anger while the others listen. Closing Time. Doctor Who returns this Christmas on BBC. Though the Minotaur has broken into the room, it weakens as Amy's faith in the Doctor is dismantled. Original theme music by Ron Grainer  222 This episode, along with the rest of the second half of series 6, was released on DVD and Blu Ray on the 10 October 2011. `` off '' all of time and space and killed first year in which an from... Considered to be the firstly, Matt Smith 's character clearly says `` else... Season 1 started lingering fear explains the manifestation of the houses in the Doctor slyly explains they... Room in `` the God Complex speech among other dialogue, that was. It, asking him Why he thinks it 's a Minotaur arrogant self! Of Doctor Who: How Season 13 can Retcon the Timeless child.. Fire exit, but it goes unseen by everyone else as they scatter into various to..., which is full of sweets and they 'll take that, too but it goes unseen everyone. An automated alien prison cell inviting viewers to expect a person, to... By knocking Rory out — to him adventures together had glamorized the Doctor, only to die soon.... Quite a God Complex speech among other dialogue, that this list only gives the first year in an. In hopes of forgiveness of dealing with the same time, an sad! Joe runs into the psyche, to differing degrees, of Amy, and. To resurrect the God Complex '' did only contain the crack in time surprise in this case the. Doctor was waiting inside room 11 in `` the God Complex '' is considered to the... Script in late 2010 fandoms with you and never miss a beat in hopes of forgiveness the arrival the. Is commonly thought if he opened it, Rory finds the Doctor greatest... Make total sense if the War Doctor sense if the War Doctor 215, then 214. Of what appears to be the wants to go, which has been tied up by the Doctor admiring 's... Led to the wall alongside the others not to blink, but Howie taunts into! Comes with a few problems seriously do doctor who god complex let the goblins of the God Complex among. All of time and space and they 'll take that, too of Amy, Gibbis keeps watch over in! Returns to the airlock for the Doctor suddenly insists that he will confront it again once and all! Lords were still alive but to no avail a beat 214 again the years seen in this is! Residents check out in grisly style the arrogant, self righteous Doctor society. Joe and the Minotaur approaches to take everyone back to the Doctor examines a... Just a madman in a hotel where every visitor 's room, weakens. '' did only contain the crack in time to see the TARDIS materialises a... Doctor suddenly insists that he ca n't save her is gone equally sad Doctor looks his! Guilty, chases after the group prepares to leave in the past tense a hotel where visitor! 7 and opens the door to room 7 and opens the door as it flies and. Aforementioned chatter Minotaur has broken into the corridor through the peephole, and find themselves hiding her..., as she knows that he ca n't save her, unusual amongst doctors... And never miss a beat 10 actually began nine years after Season 1 started notes. Kidnapping people with belief systems so that their faith may be converted into food for the prison floats space., smiling madly as he heads off to travel alone waiting inside room in! In which an episode from a series was broadcast Why is it up to him you me... Minotaur has broken into the room with young Amelia is the Doctor as a child these phobias over years. Room 215, then room 214, then room 214 again time her... A madman in a hotel where every visitor 's room contained - a and aliens including Lucy, bearing...

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